ATSI is Growing its Presence in Odon, Indiana

May 13, 2024

After opening an office at the WestGate@Crane Technology Park in Odon, Indiana last year, ATSI is now hiring and expanding its team. The company, which has been actively engaged in the Odon community and is well-known in the area, is excited to become a larger part of the national defense ecosystem in Indiana.

ATSI’s CEO, Patrick Regan, has made multiple trips to Odon, meeting with government personnel, local and national politicians, and building strong relationships within the community. He recently participated in the First Tuesday lecture on agbioscience and the importance of using technology to protect our food crops in the interest of national security. “Indiana is so important to national security because the cornfields are not just used for food but also for fuel and there’s a lot of things that are threatening those supplies,” Pat said. On the trip he also engaged with Indiana University and other local contacts.

ATSI is actively seeking qualified candidates in Odon, expanding the team and growing in the area. The company’s presence in Odon aligns with its broader work in supporting the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the Department of Defense (DoD), and related national defense and technology initiatives. For more information on open roles, visit the company’s career page at